Heyyyyy I’m Stephanie but it feels weird when people say my full name, so just call me Steph. I am the owner and the face behind White Canvas Creative.

First, you should know I'm 24 years old and I am a Photographer & Graphic Designer living in Moreno Valley, CA where I call home. 

Other titles I rock include Fiancé , CEO, unprofessional interior designer (peep my insta stories for my whole room makeover process), professional foodie, and a follower of Jesus! I dance at the randomest of times and have about 1000 different laughs. I have an unhealthy obsession with Korean shows, watching too many action movies, exploring different coffee shops, and loving my dog Macchi (yes, he was named after a macchiato)!

I’m SO stoked you’re here. So sit back, enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage, and stay and explore. You’re always welcome here.

Self Branding Photos shot at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA.

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“I loved everything!! The planning, location, and final photos. Definitely one of my top best experiences with a photoshoot session & photographer!”